Why Choose Dr. Sorensen As Your Dentist in Salt Lake City, UT

Why Choose Dr. Sorensen As Your Dentist in Salt Lake City, UT

Looking for a dentist is a complex process, especially when searching for a dentist with the credentials to care for your smile. A dentist can influence not just the health of your teeth and gums but your overall well-being. At Parleys Creek Dental, our dentist, Dr. Sorensen, has the skills and bedside manner that many look for in a dentist in the Salt Lake City, UT, area! 

However, it is customary to be unsure if our office is the right place for you and your smile. In this guide, we will review the experience, qualifications, and various services Dr. Sorensen offers here at his dental office! 

Dr. Clinton Sorensen, DDS

Dr. Sorensen has been in dentistry for 13+ years, focusing on providing the best care for each of his patients as a dentist. He loves to help patients restore and enhance their smiles, going through continuous training to ensure he knows the latest techniques to help his patients. He believes in communicating with his patients, focusing on getting to know them to help better decide the best options for his patients’ smiles.

  1. Continuity of Care: Regular visits breed familiarity, allowing you and Dr. Sorensen to get to know each other fully. With regular visits, Dr. Sorensen can have a full oral health history to make informed, personalized treatment decisions.
  2. Prevention Over Cure: Dr. Sorensen emphasizes preventive care can save you from costly future procedures and alleviate the misery of dental issues.
  3. Health and Confidence: Good dental health is linked to improved self-esteem. Dr. Sorensen has proudly undergone extensive training to fully understand the techniques and skills necessary for restorative and cosmetic procedures. Procedures like these can enhance your smile and self-confidence.
  4. General Well-being: There’s emerging evidence that oral health is connected to the body’s overall health. Practices such as periodontal care have implications for diabetes or heart disease.

Services We Offer At Parleys Creek Dental

Dentistry is a vast field with numerous specializations that reflect specific expertise. Services we provide at our office include:

Reputation and Reviews

Dr. Sorensen and his team are devoted to providing the best care for each of their patients, as shown through our reviews. One review we received was from Andre M., who said, 

Dr Sorensen and his staff are very professional and detail oriented. Always feel welcome and I always get superb dental care. I have been using Invisalign to address an overbite and teeth gap issue I have had for decades. Dr. Sorensen has supervised my treatment with Invisalign, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Why try anything else when this product is so effective. Within 8 months, I have a smile I thought I would never have. Highly recommended facility, Parleys Creek Dental.” 

Location and Accessibility

We are conveniently located in Salt Lake City, right off Parleys Way. Our office is nestled in a convenient area, allowing easy access. We provide convenient hours for all our patients, from 8 am to 5 pm Monday – Thursday. 

Communication and Patient Comfort

Dr. Sorensen is an excellent communicator, ensuring that when he speaks with his patients, they always understand what is going on with their smiles. From the health of your teeth and gums to the treatment options, Dr. Sorensen ensures you will always understand what is happening. If anything does not make sense, you are there to answer any of your questions or concerns. 

When it comes to our office, our office offers a comfortable atmosphere. We offer amenities like boxed water, blankets, and neck pillows, focusing on ensuring the comfort of our patients from the waiting room to the dentist’s chair. 

Your Dentist in Salt Lake City, UT

Choosing a dentist isn’t a decision to take lightly. Your oral health contributes significantly to your overall health, and the professional who oversees it is integral. At Parleys Creek Dental, Dr. Sorensen is there for you every step of the way. Whether you need comprehensive dental care or want to restore or enhance your smile, Dr. Sorensen is the one to see! Please schedule an appointment with our team today and experience the professional and careful treatment you deserve!