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At Parleys Creek Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, we provide a variety of cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening. Having a bright, white smile is something that we all aspire to achieve. Unfortunately, daily habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, and consuming dark-colored foods or drinks can lead to stains and discoloration on our teeth. Luckily, teeth whitening is a straightforward process that can help you achieve that dazzling smile you have always dreamt of!

What is Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment designed to brighten your smile. Dr. Clinton Sorensen and his excellent team are trained to provide the best care for all patients through cosmetic dental treatments. Teeth whitening is a perfect way to brighten your smile up to three shades in a single visit or even through at-home teeth whitening treatments.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular ways to whiten your teeth is by using at-home teeth whitening kits. At Parleys Creek Dental, we provide Opalescence to go, pre-filled teeth whitening trays.

Opalescence To Go

Opalescence To Go is a convenient at-home whitening system incorporating professional-grade whitening gel in disposable trays. The pre-filled trays are easy to use and come in different concentrations to cater to individual sensitivity and lifestyle needs. Opalescence To Go uses the active ingredient carbamide peroxide, penetrating the enamel to remove deep-set stains. The formula also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, which help to reduce sensitivity and strengthen the enamel. 

It’s a perfect choice for those who prefer the comfort and convenience of whitening their teeth at home at their own pace.

In-Office Boost Whitening

In-Office Boost Whitening is a professional teeth whitening procedure that offers quick, effective results. Performed in the dental office under the supervision of Dr. Clinton Sorensen, it uses a special hydrogen peroxide gel to lighten the shade of the teeth. We will activate the gel with a unique BOOST light, which enhances its whitening power.

This is an ideal solution for those seeking immediate results, as the procedure typically takes about an hour, and noticeable whitening can be achieved in a single session. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, In-Office Boost Whitening ensures that the process is safe and comfortable, minimizing sensitivity and protecting the gums and soft tissues from potential damage.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening offers several benefits, including:

The most apparent use of teeth whitening is a bright, white smile.

Having a dazzling smile can boost your confidence and self-esteem, making you more likely to smile and engage with those around you. 

Teeth whitening can also improve the appearance of your teeth and can make you look younger and refreshed. 

Teeth whitening may encourage you to take better care of your teeth and maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine.

Maintaining Your Whitened Smile

Teeth whitening is an excellent way to brighten your smile and boost your confidence. However, following proper oral hygiene to maintain your newly whitened teeth is essential. Good care after teeth whitening includes:

Oral Hygiene
Ensure you are brushing and flossing twice daily and using mouthwash to maintain the health of your brightened smile.
Regular Check-ups
Visit us at Parleys Creek Dental for regular check-ups and cleanings to help maintain your white smile and prevent any oral health problems, as well as stains and discoloration from arising.
A healthy diet can also help whiten your teeth. Foods like celery, carrots, and apples can help remove stains and increase saliva production. Saliva is a natural cleanser that helps wash away food particles and bacteria. Drinking lots of water also helps clean your teeth and free of stain-causing foods.
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Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Method

Choosing the correct teeth whitening method is crucial to achieving outstanding results. At-home kits may suit mild to moderate staining, but in-office treatments may be necessary for more stubborn stains. If you are still deciding which could be right for you, call our team and discuss your options before proceeding with a treatment method.

Teeth Whitening in
Salt Lake City, UT

A white, sparkling smile is a simple way to look and feel your best. Teeth whitening can help improve the appearance of your teeth, boost your confidence, and encourage you to maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine. Achieving a whiter smile has never been easier with your different treatment options. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Clinton Sorensen at Parleys Creek Dental today and get the white smile you've always wanted!